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According to deadline, Basset will become the highest paid black actress on Television, this is after rating’s success of her current show 9-1-1 (and fifth season renewal). The Oscar-nominated actress is reported to have negotiated a raise for her role in the fox series 9-1-1. She will be making more than $450,000 an episode. This is considered one of the highest salaries on a network for any actor and maybe the highest in the history of black actors in television

Angela on an episode of 9-1-1

It seems Basset will not be the only one receiving an increase, her other team members will also be increased by an average of 25% based on their existing salaries in the next TV season. This is including her co-star Peter Krause, who is reported to receive about $300,000 an episode. Jennifer Love Hewitt will also earn a similar amount to Krause. With the remaining cast, which features Aisha Hinds, Kenneth Choi, Oliver Star, Ryan Guzman and Rockmund Dunbar, receiving $80,000 for an episode. This number will increase to $100,000 once the series is picked up for season six.

As for Angela Basset, not only is she starring in 9-1-1, she is also an executive producer and was also involved in the development of the show, which was created by Ryan Murphy, who also created a show she previously was in The American Horror stories. Since 2018 Angela has starred as Athena Grant in over 60 episodes of the drama, which follows first responders as they put themselves into extremely high-pressure situations in order to save lives.

Basset in action

Some of her fans reacted to the potential history-making achievement, one fan commented; ‘As she should. She’s a Legend in Hollywood, they better pay her accordingly like they pay everyone else.’ Another Fan said; ‘Angela is the heart of the series and deserves every penny she makes. Angela certainly has a busy schedule coming up as she has also reprised her role in the upcoming Black Panther Sequel, Wakanda Forever.

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