Aaliyah’s Discography Finally Coming To Music Streaming Services

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NEW YORK – OCTOBER 5: American R&B singer Aaliyah, aka Aaliyah Dana Houghton (1979-2001) poses for a photo backstage at Madison Square Garden for Lifebeat’s Urban Aid benefit concert on October 5, 1995 in New York City, New York. (Photo by Catherine McGann/Getty Images)

It has been 20 years since the passing of one of the most notable music artists known to the world Aaliyah. However she soon shall be immortalised in digital form as her music is set to be released to digital streaming services this month. August 20th marks the beginning of the rollout with the release of her ‘One in a Million album and the momentum shall continue through to October, with new titles appearing regularly. In September, the soundtracks to the film ‘Romeo Must Die‘, which Aaliyah was a co-star as well as her own self-titled full-length.

Her compilations Ultimate Aaliyah and I Care 4 U, shall be released in October which will mark the entirety of all of Aaliyah’s releases. The Grammy Nominee Singer who also dabbled in acting actress has been one of the only major acts not present on digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music for years. With only days to go before her music starts to reach our phones, and other devices by just a touch of a button, her debut full-length Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number is available to stream.

The news has been received by fans with sheer delight as they for years have been begging for Aaliyah’s music to be made available to them via the major digital streaming sites. After years of legal battles, that had many thinking the day would never come when they would get to enjoy their favourite late 90s/2000s artist’s music in the same way the enjoy all their other favourite songs. The legal battle did not just leave Aaliyah’s body of work on a time out, but albums from the likes of Timbaland, Tank, Toni Braxton, and Jojo are amongst the masters that were tied in legalities, and are now all set to be released digitally, and to the top streaming sites and on physical formats such as CD, vinyl and even cassette.

The dates in which Aaliyah’s music shall be released is as follows:-

  • August 20th: Aaliyah – One In A Million 
  • September 3rdRomeo Must Die and Exit Wounds Movie soundtracks 
  • September 10th: Aaliyah – ΛΛLIYΛH   
  • October 8th: Aaliyah – I Care 4 U and Ultimate Aaliyah compilation

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