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A few days go we wrote about the announcement of Aaliyah’s discography coming to streaming platforms, something that a lot of fans of the late R&B star have been asking for some years now. Today as announced, the world has finally been able to stream and purchase her music online; and in merely a few hours after the release, ‘One In A Million’ has reached number 1 in the US iTunes charts.

One In A Million Reaches US iTunes Number 1

Born Aaliyah Dana Haughton and known mononymously as AALIYAH, she was the rising star of the 90s and early 2000s that everyone simply adored, and admired. From her music, sultry vocals, her sense of style all the way to her transition into becoming a singer and actress; she truly was a force to reckon with as she also had dancer and model as part of her portfolio. So when the news came of her tragic death on 25th August 2001, it left shockwaves in the entertainment industry, as she was just reaching the peak of her career with many fans and supporters alike expecting her career to sour even further.

When it came to her artistry, Aaliyah was only just getting started, and that is why her death affected many around the world. At only age 22, she had accomplished what many can only hope to accomplish a fraction of in their entire music or entertainment careers. With only 5 days to the 20th anniversary of her death, where an additional 8 others lost their lives as they travelled on a small plane that crashed only moments after taking off in the Bahamas where she was filming her music video for ‘Rock The Boat’; the release of her music onto streaming platforms, could not have been scheduled for a better time. Perhaps the release of the music to popular sites like Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music, Tide and more will offer some sort of solace for those that miss her, and missed listening to her music particularly, due to access being minimal as few shops sell CDs and pretty much all music being released today is digital with physical copies only published in specialist music shops.

Credited as one of the people that helped shape R&B, Pop and Hip Hop with Rolling Stone stating that she was “leaving an indelible imprint on the music industry as a whole.” and Billboard stating “she revolutionized R&B with her sultry mix of pop, soul and hip hop” it is no wonder that two decades after her death, her music still lives on, and her legacy shall forever be remembered.

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