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Johannesburg, Friday, 25th March 2022– 25k’s debut album ‘Pheli Makaveli’ is a very prominent moment for SA Hip hop that will remain in the books, and today 25K drops his fourth single ‘Trap Jumpin’ on all digital platforms. ‘Trap Jumpin’ comes off his album ‘Pheli Makaveli’; a project that relays the story of the rapper’s upbringing, his life story and his musical journey. Listen to ‘Trap Jumpin’ here. Together with the single, 25K drops the visuals for ‘Trap Jumpin’ on YouTube. Watch here.

Speaking about the single he first explains the term “Trap Jumping”; “The term means the trap is booming, business is doing well. It’s when your sales are up. A true definition of my current state”.

“Trap Jumpin”, makes an appearance as track four on the album. The track feels like you are hanging out with 25K at the trap having a good time and features an outro skit of the infamous gangster, Maleven. Speaking about what inspired him to make “Trap Jumping” he explains; “When I first got to hear the beat and played it back, it gave me an energetic feel, go-getter game face kinda vibe. My Mindset at the time of working the tack was in the trap, so the hook kept ringing in my head, I got the Trap Jumpin”. 

 Speaking about the making of “Trap Jumping” 25K Shared; “For the skit, Zoocci was like, ‘Yo, who’s the craziest guy you ever heard in SA talking that real talk?’ We watched Maleven’s video and we laughed at it. The next time Zoocci played me the song,that was the clip he had put on the song”.

Already deemed a classic, 25K’s debut album ‘ Pheli Makaveli’ has been widely and greatly received by the masses. The rapper now plans to drop an extension of the project, Pheli Makaveli deluxe. He gave the low down on the project said;   “The deluxe to me is not a new project, when we were working on the final mixing and mastering of the 12 tracks for Pheli, we were already in and out of sessions for the deluxe. The upcoming the project aligns with ‘Pheli Makaveli’, sonically, the feel and texture but with more growth.

He continues to share that some tracks didn’t make the album because of the sequencing, which also influenced the upcoming Deluxe. He adds; “The deluxe is coming with the same Pheli vibe, The sound is more mature without taking away from the solid 12 track Pheli Makaveli, which is a classic.” “It’s about from my journey having sessions with Zoo in 2019 to only dropping the project in 2021 and now dropping the next project”. “It’s just 25 trapping it out, still being vulnerable and telling my story”. 

 Any collaborations from the deluxe? : “I feel like I had a lot of features on the initial album, so I went minimal with the deluxe”. “I am tryna have minimal but impactful collaborations”. “It’s going to be quite a surprise because the features are people you would not expect to hear me on a record with”.

The rapper didn’t want to disclose or name drop but assured the masses his cooking a dope project. 

Listen to ‘Trap Jumpin’  here.

Watch the ‘Trap Jumpin’ video here.

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