2:22 A Ghost Story: What To Expect

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2:22 A Ghost Story is a thrilling play written by Danny Robins that premiered at the Noël Coward Theatre in London on the 3rd of August 2021; after a successful run of 11 weeks, it was announced that the play would transfer to the Gielgud Theatre, also in London, and play from the 4th of December to the 12th of February 2022. There are only four characters in this play, excluding the company, which have been switched over to a new cast for its second run from the 4th of December. Having been critically acclaimed by many people and the media, it would be a great idea to go check this out before it ends in February, so read on to find out what you could expect from this play.

Danny Robins’ 2:22 A Ghost Story was first announced on the 10th of June 2021, which premiered in London’s West End from the 3rd of August running until 16th of October 2021. The production is directed by Matthew Dunster and designed by Anna Fleischle, the first and previous cast included Lily Allen as Jenny, Julia Chan as Lauren, Hadley Fraser as Sam, and Jake Wood as Ben. The new cast for December to February includes Stephanie Beatriz as Lauren, James Buckley as Ben, Elliot Cowan as Sam, and Giovanna Fletcher as Jenny.

2:22 A Ghost Story by Danny Robins ; Production ; Directed by Matthew Dunster ; Set Design by Anna Fleischle ; Lighting Design by Lucy Carter ; Costume Designer: Cindy Lin ; Sound Design by Ian Dickson for Autograph ; Casting Director: Jessica Ronane ; Illisions: Chris Fisher ; Vocal Coach: Hazel Holder ; Production Photographer: Helen Murray ; Runaway Entertainment ; Noël Coward Theatre ; London, UK ; 3rd August 2021 ; Credit and copyright: Helen Murray

The plot is as follows:

Jenny and her husband Sam have recently bought a large house. Each night at exactly 2:22 am she hears the sound of someone moving around the house, often via the baby monitor in her child’s bedroom, and becomes convinced that the house is haunted. Sam insists that it isn’t and offers alternative natural explanations for the noise. The couple hosts a dinner party for Lauren, an old friend of Sam’s, and Ben, her new boyfriend. After discussing the strange noises, Jenny persuades the others to stay up until 2:22 to see what happens.

Kate Wyver, in The Guardian, wrote, “With a brilliant sense of mounting dread and just the right number of jump-scares, Danny Robins’ new ghost story is a slick, chilling romp of a play.” The review described the cast of the play as “gleaming”, as well as praising the script itself, finding it “sharp, quick, and cleverly layered with clues. While his handling of horror is nothing new, it’s done smartly, toying with the tropes. In one of the most chilling scenes, absolutely nothing happens yet the grand old room is electric with the fear of expectation.”

On the downside, there was “an overuse of deafening fox screams” and the “arguments occasionally escalate into one-note yelling”; however, she noted that “neither of these things do much to detract from the steadily growing tension.” Overall, she ended with, “This show is not scary enough to cause nightmares, nor is it gruesome or graphic or gory; it’s more human than the creepiest horror movies. But there are genuinely chilling moments, scary enough that the whole theatre is tense and pin-drop quiet… Scary enough, perhaps, to have you turn on the light the next time you hear an unusual sound at night, just to check the time.”

If this has interested you in buying the kindle edition of the play, then click HERE for Amazon, or click HERE for the physical book of the play. Follow 2:22 A Ghost Story on Twitter for further information on showtimes, cast news, and more!

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