10 Riddles To Test Your Brain

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Solving riddles has been scientifically proven to enhance the mental aptitude in many ways, which includes creative thinking, critical thinking, improved memory, and the reduction of the risk of Alzheimer’s. Riddles not only train your brain, but they can be entertaining too, as there can be a variety of riddles in different formats. If this has caught your attention, then scroll down and solve our 10 riddles for a quick brain test!

Here are the 10 riddles, for which you can find the answers for at the end of this article:

  1. It’s always ahead of you but cannot be seen. What is it? 
  2. It is always arriving but never really arrives. What is it? 
  3. It is tall when young, but its height shortens as it grows old. What is it? 
  4. It always goes up but never comes down. It is usually a celebratory affair every time it goes up. What is it? 
  5. It gets dirtier the more it cleans. What is it? 
  6. You give it to someone but can still keep it at the same time. What is it?
  7. You can break it by not even touching it. What is it? 
  8. It has many branches but no trunk, no leaves, no fruits. What is it? 
  9. It follows you around, it mimics your every move, but you cannot touch it. What is it?
  10. Here, you will find ‘today’ before ‘yesterday’? Which place is it?

Here are all the answers to the above riddles in the same order:

  1. Future
  2. Tomorrow
  3. Candle
  4. Your age
  5. A towel
  6. Your words
  7. A promise
  8. A bank
  9. Your shadow
  10. In a dictionary 

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