Best Holiday Destination In April And Things To Do

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April is the month when the northern hemisphere is beginning to bloom as the cold weather starts to get replaced by warmer weather. Travelling to a destination during this time of the season is a real treat, therefore, I found the perfect destination for your next holiday in April! Read on to find out all about it and what you can do.


Although Taiwan is considered a small country, it is packed with a long list of exciting attractions, activities, and great food; so, to make sure you do not miss out on anything when you visit for however long, I decided to share some ideas with you to help you get started on creating the best day-to-day itinerary for Taiwan! Make sure you tailor this trip for yourself, and all travellers involved, as this is just a general list, and you are sure to find other things to do nearby once you start off with this list.

Night Food Market

This is a national pastime that you will find everywhere in Taiwan, no matter what city you visit or stay in. As well as having markets available in the daytime, there are over 30 night markets in just Taipei, New Taipei, and Keelung; there are over 70 night markets available across all of Taiwan. Take your pick and make sure you visit at least one before you leave!


Tea culture is something to not miss out in a country where there is a lot to offer with teas. Some teahouse destinations include Maokong Gondola, Jiufen, and Jwu Jiu Teahouse. Some of these places offer history on the Taiwan tea culture, as well as some shopping opportunities!

Northern Coastline

If you head to the coast and want to find some cool landscapes, there go to Yehliu Geopark. You will find a lot of unique rock formations that took thousands of years to form. It is a popular tourist attraction so plan your time to beat the crowd there!

Hot Springs

Because of the active volcano in the area, the Beitou Hot Springs can be taken advantage of to enjoy some nice steamy bathes in the waters. It is described as “healthy” and prices around 40 NT, equivalent to $1.30 USD, per person.

Hiking in Taroko National Park

If mountain hiking is your thing, then this beautiful location is perfect for you! There is even a chance to check out the flowing mountain rivers along the way. This is one of the nine national parks in Taiwan with free admission, so go solo or with a group, but you are sure to enjoy your time here!